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Artist-Artisans combining a refined original vision with prodigious technical skill and a dedication to clean execution.

The first Masters competition was open to all members in good standing who wished to apply for this new designation. The 46 members who applied were judged by 2 Curators who specialize in Art and Craft. The Masters category will be open for juried acceptance every 2 years, with existing Masters reviewed every few years.

Delaware By Hand Masters combined unique points of view with technical mastery to excel in the Masterworks, 2009 juried competition.  The winning 15 members were featured in a group exhibition, catalogue and feature documentary at the Delaware Art Museum.  Copies of the 2009 exhibition catalogue and documentary are available through the Biggs Museum online store. Click here to purchase.

Virginia A. M. Abrams


"Green Jelly Bean"
Deborah Appleby


"Toscania Mosaic"
Elisabeth Bard


David Ashworth Burslem


"Variegated Lusters"
Paula Camenzind


"Bulbous Vase"
Paula Camenzind

"Inscape IV"
Constance F. Costigan


"Natural Edge Vessel in
Zwaanendael Pin Oak"
Thomas E. Frey


"Raku White Crackle"
Dolores Pye Josey


"In the Space of Being"
Michael Krausz


"Crow Brothers"
Steve Rogers


"Linked Fossil Necklace #4"
Maxine M. Rosenthal

"Lace Agate Stone
Translation Bracelet"
Maxine M. Rosenthal


"Resolution of 3"
Richard Rothrock


Peter Saenger


"Signs #5"
Barbara F. Warden


Sarah Yeoman

Presenting the 2009 Delaware By Hand Masters
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