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About the Biggs Museum of American Art
The Biggs Museum of American Art is a private non-profit organization in the heart of Delaware’s vibrant capital city, Dover.  The Biggs Museum features the growing fine and decorative art collection of its founder, Sewell C. Biggs (1934-2003).  Museum visitors experience the arts of Delaware, the Mid-Atlantic and the nation, from 1700 to the present, through exhibitions, research and educational programs. Click here for more information.

About Delaware By Hand
Delaware By Hand (DBH) is the brand of the artist and artisan members of the Biggs Museum of American Art.  This distinctive membership within the museum represents the state-wide community of Delaware visual artists and craft artisans.  The Biggs Museum of American Art offers this membership, manages the DBH website, and hosts public programs with DBH members to teach about the contemporary arts and crafts of Delaware.  The DBH website showcases the talents, contact information and activities of the artists of Delaware.  At the same time, the DBH website is a bridge between enthusiasts of contemporary art and craft and its context in the collections of the Biggs Museum of American Art.  Click here for more information about the museum’s memberships.

DBH History
Delaware By Hand was formed as a result of Governor Ruth Ann Minner's 2001 initiative to stimulate economic growth for the State of Delaware.  DBH was a result of the Governor's 2001 Strategic Economic Council.  At first, DBH was an independent non-profit organization whose board of trustees launched the first members’ website, established a wide range of public programs featuring DBH members and cultivated the DBH brand.  Nearing almost 200 members, the DBH trustees pursued new public partnerships to aid in the administration of Delaware’s largest artist association.  The Biggs Museum of American Art stepped forward in 2011 to become the permanent home of Delaware By Hand.

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