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Thomas E. Frey
Tom Frey Woodturner


30424 Marina Road
Dagsboro, DE 19939


Artist Statement

After a life-long interest in wood and another career, Tom started turning professionally in 1987. Primarily self-taught he continues to study the works of contemporary master turners for technical knowledge and to keep current with trends in the field. Tom does not attempt to push the turning envelope technically. His passion is to turn and finish each vessel in a way that the natural beauty of the wood is shown to the fullest. To avoid throwing away even "too small" pieces of wood Tom started turning miniatures several years ago. This led to new experiences with manmade materials and with new audiences.

Over the years, this approach to turning has shown itself in three hallmarks of Tom's body of work: natural edge vessels very thinly turned; incorporation of "natural blemishes and imperfections"; and silky-soft matte finishes that are produced only with patient hand sanding and rubbing.












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