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Peter Saenger
Saenger Porcelain


18 Mimosa Drive
Newark, DE 19711



The New Studio Gallery is open. If you call ahead, the lights will be on when you arrive...

Artist Statement

I am a puzzler; puzzles have a power over me. I am intrigued to discover the solutions. It is like meeting someone new and getting to know them piece by piece. Designing objects and creating innovative processes is solving intricate puzzles. 

I have expanded the collection from the earlier black and white, opaque-glazed pieces, by developing new techniques for working with porcelain slips. I am exploring new directions, finding new ways to handle porcelain and pigment. Experimenting with new clays and colors is leading me into lively new directions. Currently hand-building pieces in my molds with dynamic, one-of-a-kind, surface colors and textures is a focus.   

There is now work that can be hung on the wall. Some will be decorative and functional, some solely decorative. The wall pieces are hung on an easily attached wall cleat. The black and white fit-together tabletop work continues and is complimented by the Moonscapes, also in Black and White, as tile compositions, or single pieces. 

See SaengerPorcelain.com for more images.

The design goals have not changed. They have always been to create objects that are exciting to see, touch, and use, when use is intended. I want to create objects that are dynamic and in motion, lively and fun, sensuous and soft to the touch. They are best when there is a note of complication and sophistication. A puzzle's solution is a greater challenge when it has to work on many levels. Life is multilayered, complicated and enriching. This work is an expression of optimism-a belief that the objects in our life can enrich us in many ways. My goals include the visual, tactile and functional. I want to stimulate your eye, please your hand and warm your soul.










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