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Colleen M. Zufelt
Zufelt Designs


301 Becker Ave
Wilmington, DE 19804


Gallery Hours

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Artist Statement

My work evolves from two processes. The first step is creating the form.  When working in wet clay I am totally immersed in the challenges the media presents. Sometimes I allow the clay to lead the way as I work on the wheel, other times I create drawings combining thrown, cast and handbuilt pieces of clay.  By combining all these processes, I am able to create unique personalities for my pieces. Since my most recent work centers on organic line and shape I am casting a variety of fruit and vegetable forms for my bowls and cups.  

Once the pieces are bisqued, I have a blank canvas for painting and I focus my attention on surface decoration.  For my current work I am exploring an earth tone palette.  I play at combining these colors with hard edge graphic patterns and layers of gestural brushstrokes that create a look and feel of watercolor.  Areas are accented with pencil and press-type graphics to complete the feel of atmospheric layering that I strive for.

Although I choose forms that would seem to be functional, I see my work as sculptural, creating objects that acquire a presence challenging the traditional ideas of function.  For many of my pieces their "function" simply becomes the process of engaging the viewer in a delightful visual dance of color, pattern and form.

  2000 5th Annual Silverhawk Award, Internet Site 
  1994 Finalist, Niche Award, Rosen, Inc.
  1992 Finalist, Niche Award, Rosen, Inc.
1986-1989     Artist in Residence, Wilmington Arts Commission, 
1994              Arts in Education Residency, St. Ann's School, Delaware State
                     Arts Council, 
1990-1991     Artist in Residence, Boys and Girls Clubs, Wilmington, DE; 
1986              Emerging Artist Fellowship, Delaware State Arts Council, 
1992              Individual Artist Fellowship, Delaware State Arts Council, 

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