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Heather Siple
Heather Siple Fine Art Photography


3311 Englewood Rd
Wilmington, DE 19810
(302) 762-8036

Gallery/Studio Hours

By appointment only.

Artist Statement

My work explores the soul of my surrounding combined with my own imagination and, once finished through the imaginations of my viewers. Examining small details and grand landscapes, I strive to bring out the mystical, the magical and the abstract qualities of whereever I happen to be, whether that is in the middle of an icy stream or on a city street. While I do use color when it is essential to the story in the image, I prefer to use balck and white because it takes the viewer half a step away from instant recognition of what is in the picture and invites them to pause and interpret what they see. No two people seem to quite see the same thing when they look at my pictures, a sign that I have indeed succeeded!

About the Artist

Like many photographers, Heather Siple got her start early. In fact, she pretended to take pictures of everything around her long before she was old enough to have her first 110 camera. From her father, a second-generation photographer himself, she learned the elements of composition and the basics of developing and printing at a very early age. She was fascinated with this ability to "paint with light" and continued to study and experiment on her own ever after.

In the last 14 years, Siple has participated in over 70 shows in the U.S. and abroad. Locally, her work has appeared in the Delaware Art Museum, DCCA, the Biggs Museum of American Art and the Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village. Siple is a Delaware Individual Artist Fellow in Photography and a Delaware By Hand Master Artist.

Heather Siple is an active member of she arts community. She is a co-founder of Newark, Delaware-based ArtLane PCG, which is dedicated to photography as a creative art form. She teaches photography to elementary school students at Wilmington Montessori School and gives talks and workshops for all ages throughout the region.

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