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Hank Rhodes
Oxford Designs


222 E. Camden-Wyoming Ave.
Camden, DE 19934


Artist Statement

Jewelry is the most intimate and portable of art forms. While it embraces the body, it becomes part of the body's outer landscape. One's soul is the inner landscape of the body. Whether jewelry is worn intimately or publicly, it is first an expression of the wearer's inner landscape. Its choice must be informed by the soul.

Jewelry and other hand crafted objects project cultural traditions across millennia and bridge the chasm between body and soul. Sometimes jewelry is public and flaunted. Sometimes it is private, reserved for Self and Self's closest relationships.

My early training was in archaeology, seeking clues to the soul of lost traditions. Today I can't touch or see an object crafted, used, and worn by ancient people without pondering the hands that crafted it and the soul who treasured it. My work includes pieces of adornment and functional objects that aspire to bridge the long-passed people who inspired it and a vision of what people two millennia hence will treasure.














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