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Aimee Petkus
Aimee Petkus Jewelry


8239 Forest Ave.
Elkins Park, PA 19027



Artist Statement

My inspiration comes from geology and crystal geometries. This is a second career for me; however, there is no doubt that this is my passion. Lighting the torch for the first time was like a fire was lit in my soul. Everything I’ve learned since switching has felt instinctual. At first, I just wanted to make vehicles for rocks, and in order to do that I knew I needed to learn as much about metalsmithing as possible, so that I would never be hindered by my skill level. Now, I love the metal as much as the rocks. I want everyone to see how amazingly connected art and science are, and how they both challenge the ways in which we view and understand the world around us. My jewelry is a platform for me to teach people about rocks, minerals, gems, and world of geology, all while feeling like a mad scientist when I’m back in my studio pouring molten metal, fusing gold to silver, and cutting stones. It’s a whole little world that is just perfect for me. I like to let the stone dictate the direction of the design, so I use a number of techniques, from casting, to fabrication, to laser welding, to keum-boo. Most of the non-traditionally cut stones, have been cut by me. My metals are sterling silver, 14k gold fill, 14k gold, 18k gold, and 24k gold.


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