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Robert L. Palandrani


115 Falcon Lane
Wilmington, DE 19808


Artist Statement

My goal is to depict works that are immediate, simple and personal. I search for the everyday visual language, seen through the texture and color of the natural and man made world. I look for elements that will engage the viewer and place them in a visual dialogue with the work. 

In a very real sense it is the viewer that finishes the work, so it is not important that they see the work exactly as I do. It is an invitation to relate the work to their own experience. 

I am attracted to Native Modernism, Abstract Expressionism and the Concrete Art movement. Revisiting these movements and fusing them into a new dynamic relationship of parts creates and expands the possibilities for the viewer’s perception of the work. I believe there is a universal visual language we all share. These works explore that inner language and landscape












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