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Michael Ortiz
Limited Landscapes


32294 Turnstone Ct
Millsboro, DE 19966 


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About the Artist

Hello, ​my name is Michael Ortiz. I struggled with what to put here. Do I call myself a photographer? Am I an artist? What label should I afix to myself? Father of two seems like a good start. Adventurer extraordinaire? Sounds good, but probably not fitting. Army Veteran, check. Former paramedic, also check.

How about an observer of my surroundings? Although I have labeled myself as someone who prefers "Landscape Photography", I will document and seek out any visual image that captures my attention.

I've never been someone who has felt comfortable or happy in a typical working environment. I enjoy the freedom of motion and a constantly changing environment. Sitting idle in the same spot seems like a punishment to me. My past careers catered to these preferences and presented me with challanges that kept me content.

Nature and photography has always been a passion of mine. I feel that landscape photography is a culmination of all the things I have learned in life. I don't claim to have any special wisdom to impart on the viewers of my work other than life is fleeting. It's good to stop and savour the moment. In the end our life is a collection of those moments.


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