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Norman Bell
Norman Bell Photography


509 Rothbury Road
Wilmington, DE 19803


Artist Statement

Norman Bell is a landscape photographer who uses natural light and texture to create eye-catching compositions. He uses digital and film to capture images, and processes the images in a digital darkroom.

Mr. Bell is a resident of Delaware and spends a considerable amount of time on Maryland's Eastern Shore. He photographs primarily in these two locations, but his collections also include images from other parts of the Unites States and from his travels abroad.

Mr. Bell is primarily a self-taught photographer. He became interested in photography as a child. He began developing and printing black and white photographs as a teenager, learning by reading magazines and manuals. Mr. Bell's education and career choices diverted him from photography for a period of time. He resumed his study of photography in the early eighties, finally concentrating on landscape photography in the mid-nineties. He attended courses at Cecil Community College, Delaware College of Art and Design, and the Maine Photography workshops in Rockport, Maine.

Mr. Bell began working in medium and large format photography in 2001, using traditional darkroom processes for black and white images. His most recent work has been produced utilizing digital printing techniques. Mr. Bell's work has been exhibited in juried shows in Delaware and Maryland and has been purchased for private collections.

Norman Bell received his Bachelor of Chemical Engineering degree from The City College of New York in 1968. He has worked in the chemical industry in various capacities, primarily in the area of safety, health and environmental management.

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