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Jennifer Nelson

Fiber Decorative

PO Box 86
Greenwood, DE 19950


Studio Directions

By Appointment Only.

Artist Statement

"I’m trained as a scientist, so I tend to analyze and tinker with things. Block printing gives me the opportunity to work with different variables- designs, colors, inks, fibers- so my work is always evolving as I try out new techniques and materials. 

I'm committed to printing original designs on sustainable fabrics. I use hand-cut printing blocks, mix my own inks and print and sew fabrics that will warm up your home. It's a labor of love that takes passion and patience, but the results are lovely. Organic. Simple.

I call it "decor with roots". From kitchen towels to fabric yardage, my goal is to create fab rics and home goods that are naturally beautiful, personal and functional."












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