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Edilu Nehrbas



Artist Statement

Through the window, down the path, around the corner, out of view, these are the situations that catch my eye and compel me to continue or complete the scenario, with paint.
Whether a landscape or portrait, frozen moments in time are stories waiting to be discovered.

Although, working primarily in watercolor, I don't paint loose and free with blossoms of color, but rather, at times, with tedious fascination in the detail.

Continually, I am drawn into the reveal of what is under the illusion. Apprehension? Intrigue? Hope? But never loneliness.

A recently retired elementary art teacher of 20 years, I enjoy getting together with fellow artists and our newly formed group, "Artisans @ Studio 22". I am a member of the Rehoboth Art League and participate in the shows as well as Beebe Medical Center's "Best of the Beach" and The Children's Beach House, Holiday Art Show. 

As a jewelry crafts person I participate in The Lewes Historical Society's Arts and Craft Shows, as well as the St. Peter's 4th of July, Arts and Craft Shows.

I am currently teaching drawing, painting, and jewelry making classes for Wilmington University, in Rehoboth Beach.












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