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Aina Nergaard-Nammack

Painting - Acrylic

115 Rodaline Avenue
Lewes, DE 19958



Studio Hours

By Appointment Only

Studio Directions

Route 1 to Route 9 towards Lewes, becomes Savannah Road. Left on Gills Neck Road (by the canal). Left on Rodaline Avenue.

Artist Statement

For each force there is a reciprocal force.

While I paint, things happen as the work progresses.  I have a primary image in my mind which develops into the rest of the picture field...I have to work actively on the field to abstract  my comprehension   of what I feel,  and imagine forms and colors that will be in equilibrium on the canvas. I consider myself a colorist working with abstract forms and colors. 

My paintings are non  representational. The important thing for me is to arrange these forms and colors on the  pictorial field to achieve a balanced composition.. I work simultaneously with positive and negative shapes, placing equal importance on both . My goal is to achieve a vibrant piece of work with forms and color interweaving with each other with order and  equilibrium, arranging shapes and deciding on colors according to the way I want to accomplish my needs and the final balance of the painting. I always think of the whole and not the parts and have to have the canvas completely covered in a short time. to be able to look at the whole. 

Empty spaces distract me. I saturate the colors  to make a strong composition, making each color and shape counteract  another, and with this  equilibrium, expressive variations will appear.  I balance all relationships as they are developed and  intuitively search for a complete image. One part of the painting triggers an idea for the rest. My non representational forms will flow as part of a rhythmical interplay. The result is a vibrant, balanced composition.     

My art is doing.














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