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Marti Marino


220 Hickman Street
Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

302-226-9820 (fax)

Studio Hours & Directions

Studio located in Downtown Rehoboth Beach. Hours by appointment only.

Artist Statement

Being introduced to sculpture was like coming home to a comfortable place after decades of struggling with other media.  As a student I worked in the subtractive mode; carving both wood and stone.  My penchant for mixing media eventually led me to a period of creating assemblages of found objects, some of which I altered by carving and painting.

Recently, I have returned to clay as my main medium and have become interested in creating organic nonobjective forms in unglazed white clay. reminescent of aquatic creatures. These pieces, inspired by the forms, shapes, and textures found in actual animals, soon took on a life of their own and developed their own unique qualities and personalities.  

I rarely make sketches or small models, preferring to “wing it” and see where the process leads me. Future pieces will most likely contain other media as well as clay. . As I walk the beach, or hike the woodlands, I find endless sources of ideas and inspiration. Two of my greatest joys while creating a piece of art are monitoring the surprising journey my mind takes during the process, and seeing the response the product engenders.  












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