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Heidi Lowe
Heidi Lowe - The Jewelry Studio


328 Rehoboth Avenue
Rehoboth, DE 19971

(302) 227-9203

Gallery Hours

Open Daily 10 a.m. - 9 p.m.

Gallery Directions

The little yellow cottage next to Dogfish Head Brewery on Rehoboth Avenue.

Gallery Description

Heidi Lowe Gallery is a contemporary art jewelry gallery exhibiting works by owner, Heidi Lowe, and by numerous artists from around the world.  The gallery hosts a 6-8 exhibitions a year including solo and group shows of both emerging and mid-career artists. We exhibit works by artists who are exploring a range of ideas, formats and materials within the medium of jewelry.   Heidi Lowe creates a new body of work each year as well as designs custom jewelry pieces and wedding rings for customers.

Artist Statement

Lineage is a body of work inspired by the Biggs Museum collection of Sterling Silver service ware and flatware from the 17th and 18th century. The Biggs collection represents a cross section of Delaware silversmiths.  
In my work, I pay homage to the makers and pieces from the past by studying, recording, drawing, and taking impressions of their skills and handiwork. Each piece in my collection consists of a canvas where I draw using an antique silver-point technique. These drawings are then combined with silver and pearls. The forms and inscriptions within the original silverware inspire the silver work. Through this work, I highlight the time it takes to acquire the skills necessary to create objects people live with and pass down through the generations. Whether lace making, silversmithing, iron working, or pearl stringing, each object was thought about and considered as an heirloom and worth repair. In the current culture of disposable and inconsequential objects, this body of work honors the hand made.












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