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Sharon Livesay
Metal Away by Mini


17 Lehigh Avenue
Wilmington, DE 19805

(302) 250-0733





Artist Statement

My designs are created for Art and ideal for wearing, for display, and for memorializing. My art stems from childhood obsession playing in the junk drawer and producing creations from what was found within.
That same tenant still applies today , as I deftly create art in mediums including metal, oils, pastels and inks. With my recent foray into jewelry making and hand-cut metal pieces, I receive recognition from my clients, who seek out my work, which they find quite extraordinary.

Additionally, I've been an Art Therapist using table art to help others find their spark and express their inner voice. My occupational engagements include The Lorelton Program Coordinator for the Arts Dementia Programs, Artist on Staff at Eden Rock, a lifetime of work as a Self-Managed Artist, and most recently as Metal Away Specializing in metalsmithing.







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