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Fitz Grubb


Po Box 415
Lewes, DE 19958


Artist Statement

As a child the drawings of Hergé fascinated me. The scenery and action of this genre reminds me greatly of silent film. Painting for years, I waded through various series. during the last few years I also began rescuing and tending feral cats. I could see them come to the doors from my studio and being alone with the things bouncing in my head I began to construct various cat characters and scenarios as a distraction and one day I started sketching and then painting these. I am hearing impaired and very often hear things incorrectly. For example, when I heard an offer on the radio for a free bottle of "opprobrium." Of course that became a staple prop for the cats. The paintings are oil on panel which I reproduce as giclee on canvas. I use the influences around me as beginning points, whether as my view on contemporary culture or to stand on my own private soap box. Above all I merge my ability to find humor in the off-centered; turning things to a either a subtle (or not) sardonicism.

About the Artist

Educated in Baltimore, Md., Heidelberg, Germany, Stuttgart, Germany Maastricht, Netherlands, Boston University, Ma. Currently resides Delaware, amateur metaphysician; beloved by schnauzers; benefactor of cats; struggles with misanthropy

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