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John Flournoy
Garden Gate Design


33152 West Chesapeake Street
Lewes, DE 19958

Twitter: twitter.com/GardnGateDesign
Facebook: Garden-Gate-Design

Artist Statement

Over the years I have a collected more than a few antique chocolate molds; I use these molds to cast beeswax figurines similar to the wax ornaments created in Germany over 300 years ago. I also use these molds to cast chalkware figures that I paint. In addition to the antique molds I also make silicone molds using models that I have created.

A bit of history on German wax ornaments, before glass ornaments, German craftsmen were making wax ornaments using their intricate hand carved chocolate and cookie molds. Beautiful examples 300 years old can be found in museums throughout Europe. Beeswax ornaments have a long history steeped in Old World traditions. German bakers first started making beautiful beeswax ornaments at Christmas time hundreds of years ago. They also used Springerle and gingerbread cookie molds to create the first ornaments.

Beeswax is a remarkable formulation of more than 300 hydrocarbons, esters and acids. Essentially inert, beeswax lasts as near to forever as a life substance can.

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