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Julie Farrimond


28490 Wynikako Ave.
Millsboro, DE 19966


Artist Statement

I have always loved to walk the beach.  If it is quiet, relatively deserted...I'm in heaven.  A place to breathe, slow down, connect, reflect.   I find myself more and more drawn to the small wonders of life, and so, as I walk, there are always treasures to be found.  Shells, sea glass, pebbles.  Finding small, curious, washed and worn pieces of driftwood especially provides unceasing pleasure and delight.  All beauty and all else, lie in the eye of the beholder I know ... but for me, some of the tiny fragments that wash ashore require nothing more of me than to look on and smile in awe.  From land to sea to land again, nature continued to craft, and all that seems left for me to do is carry it lovingly to the nearest most revered Art Gallery and place the piece on a pedestal for all the world to see!   As far as my own work ... I assemble together the pieces that have wooed me, and in creating the more recognizable form of seahorse or dragonfly, I hope to spread the joy and love.  Namaste








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