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Delaware Basket Makers Association

77 Chatham Court
Dover, DE 19901



Nancy Jamison/Sharon Cohee

Delaware Basketmakers Association is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to continuing the craft and art of basketry.

Our organization endeavors to offer workshops yearly to its members and those interested in learning the craft of weaving. A variety of classes are also offered for beginners to advanced weavers using reed, cane, and non-traditional materials.

Local basket teachers are available in the area of central Delaware with classes occasionally offered at Magnolia Baskets. Guest instructors from various parts of the country, also are featured during the year.

Our local conmiunity activities have focused on several deserving organizations. A donated handmade basket is given to local chapter of the Delaware Hospice and Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition each year along with other donations to similar non profit groups.

Volunteers of the D.B.A. have worked hard each year at Dover's First Night teaching young children to weave a simple basket that could introduce anew and exciting craft activity which they may never have tried before, thus carrying on our craft tradition here in Delaware.

Please join us in renewing a craft which is rewarding and fun.

For more information on the Delaware Basketmakers Association or for basket teachers in our area, you may contact Nancy Jamison, D.B.A. President at 302-734-3771.

For membership information contact Sharon Cohee at 302-335-4214.

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