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Gary D. Crowl
Beach Art


110 Cambridge Way
Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971


Artist Statement

DRIFTWOOD COLLAGE: These have been carefully crafted from selected Atlantic driftwood collected from Delaware coastal beaches. Each usable piece of driftwood takes an average two hours to find.

These collages contain my signature piece of driftwood, i.e., part of a crab basket (bottom) used by the regional blue crab fishermen. These bottoms are used to depict the Delaware sunrise. The frequent changes of direction for each grouping of driftwood often give the appearance of aerial views of countryside fields and wetlands.

Also, I prefer to use driftwood pieces that have hints of residual paint or rust since only about 5% of the driftwood contains any color. The driftwood panels are often framed by driftwood coming from sand dune fences, decks, and docks that find their way to shore after a nor’easter. Occasionally, storms bring pieces of beach chairs, boats, and furniture that are incorporated into the collages.

Recipient of the 2007 and 2012 Rehoboth Art League Award of Excellence.

Prices range from $175-$350 for standard sizes and custom sizes are available upon request.