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Sharon J. Cohee
Baskets By Shar


563 McGinnis Pond Road
Felton, DE 19943



Artist Statement

I have been weaving for several years now.  I teach the art of basket weaving in my home and also continue to take weaving classes from time to time, always striving to improve my weaving techniques.  I have woven baskets from oak, ash, maple, cane, seagrass and reed.  I specialize mainly in functional reed baskets that can be used rather than left to sit on a shelf, although I have plenty of those too.  I have authored several basket weaving patterns, some of which are being sold by Arnie’s Arts N. Crafts in Michigan (also known as BasketPatterns.com) and on my website.  I am a member and serve on the Board of the Delaware Basket Makers Association and also a member and serve on the Board of the Kent County Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners. Some of my baskets have been featured on various blog sites and juried on-line gift shops. 

In addition to weaving baskets, I sometimes like to play in the mud creating garden leaf sculptures.  Real garden leaves are used as the mold.  Some leaves are painted and sealed and others are left natural and sealed.  The leaves should last for many years with proper care.

More examples of my work may be viewed onwww.basketsbyshar.etsy.com and www.basketsbyshar.com

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