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Jenni Callard


9 McIntosh Ct.
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My photography career started in 6th grade with a second place award in the Maryland Film Festival for a black & white picture that I developed and printed myself. That's still my preferred method of photography. Lo-fidelity is the best way to describe not only my photographs but also the methods I go about creating them. Like those who prefer vinyl CDs, I prefer film to digital because of its warmth and softness. 

I love using the toy and vintage cameras that I collect (the cheaper the better) as a sort of rebellion against the big, fat digital SLR that I wanted but couldn't afford. With their plastic lenses, not-so-light-proof bodies and wonky winding mechanisms, they leave their mark on each frame like a fingerprint. Could I achieve the same results using Photoshop? Sure, but it wouldn't be half as fun. Besides, why reinvent the wheel?

The freedom of using such simple cameras has resulted in the sharpening of my photographic eye. I don't have to concentrate on all the bells, whistles and megapixels because in my most complicated cameras all I can control is aperture and shutter speed. With only 12 shots to a medium format film roll, I've learned to choose my shots carefully. When my black and white film is finished, I develop it in my garage darkroom then scan the negatives to my computer. I use iPhoto to remove dust and scratches and occasionally to tweak the exposure. 

My recent acquisition of an iPhone has opened up an entirely different realm of lo-fidelity photography. Because it's less than five megapixels, and offers no control over, well, anything really, my iPhone 4 has become an indispensible camera. Coupled with the fantastic apps that are available, it's really the perfect photographic tool for me. Some apps require that you wait 30 seconds before the picture appears on-screen. That means I'd better get it right the first time. Sounds kind of like film, don't you think? 

I've been fortunate enough to have my lo-fi works displayed worldwide. My Holga photos have been used as album artwork for the California-based band Coolfield. I was short-listed for the 2010 Eye'em Mobile Phone Photography competition for the photo "Flooded", which was on display in Berlin and later published in the book "This Is Art". In January 2011 my iPhone photo "Strolling Over the Sand" was on display in London as one of the winners of the Hipstamatics photo roll competition.








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