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Kathy Buschi


15276 Hudson Road
Milton, DE 19968
(302) 645-7109


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By appointment only

About the Artist

Kathy is a self-taught folk artist from Milton, Delaware. She was born and raised on New York’s Long Island. In 1979 she was pregnant and her husband, Brendan, bought her an oil paint set for Christmas. Kathy started painting and found joy and meaning in her work.

Kathy always wanted to live in the country and in 1980 they moved to Virginia. In 1983 they moved to New Hampshire. Kathy got to actualize her childhood fantasies of rural living and her work became reflective of her inner feelings and longings. Kathy’s paintings capture the essence of simple, family life in the rural America of days gone by. Kathy paints in a folk art style using acrylic or alkyd paints on Masonite. Her family and pets, past and present, can be found in her work. Her red-haired daughter, Jessica, with the 2 yellow Labrador Retrievers she grew up with, have become Kathy’s trademark. Jessica’s daughter Ever and Jessica’s twin sons Castor and Wexford can also be found in some of Kathy’s recent works.

Kathy and her family moved to Magnolia, Delaware in 1996. In 2013, Kathy and Brendan moved to Milton. She now paints mostly Delaware scenes - especially of the Delaware beach area. In 1999, Kathy started having prints produced of her work. Kathy’s work has become well known in Delaware and is owned all over the world. She has won awards from Vermont to Maryland, but her greatest reward is when people who view her work tell her it makes them feel happy.

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